all poems in this blog were written by Jacqueline Sharp…


The Gift

Here is a gift

meant just for you,

which carries a piece

of my heart in it to

remember me dearly by

and help guide you to your star in the sky.

For every dream;

there is born a star,

and yours I’m sure

is not so far

if you dare to believe

then from darkness your dream will be set free.

So with a kiss

i wish you luck

and a part of me

in case you get stuck

just call if your in need

I’ll always be there no matter how far I be.

copywrite 9/4/92

I Still Dream

I still dream

late at night

that in my hand

your hand still lies

I still dream

in sleeping bliss

that it’s my lips that you still kiss

And though its been

so many years

so many moments

so many tears

I still dream

those dreams of you

and always wake

to heartache anew.

January 16 2010


It comes with every breath

with every smile

with every laugh

that slow dying pain that bleeds my heart.

It’s death so slow

every minute ticks away

a thought, a sigh, a wisp of life

death would be so easy after this

to give in, to give up to sleep

death would be a verse

in a song that never ends

a thought that never dies

wrapping around every idea never ceasing

until it becomes everything

every light, every breath every joy

it comes —

    it comes & I wait as it comes

   I embrace it as it comes

   welcome it as it comes

   oh how death would be so easy

      easy….a relief — a break in the tide

& yet I wait

& it comes